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Annapolis Home - Volume 6, No. 4, 2015
By Leo Wilson

Design Talk is a regular feature in Annapolis Home Magazine.

Almost every great building I’ve ever been in has a great stair.  The stair can really set the tone for everything else that unfolds architecturally.


There are many different approaches to designing a successful stair.  Some are formal, others are sculptural, and still others are expressions of structure.  What all of the best stairs have in common is that they simultaneously solve the technical problem of getting from one level to another while introducing a strong design element.

The original stair of this lighthouse-inspired home followed the rigid geometric form of the building.  When we were designing the home’s renovation, we used the stair to change the overall character of the house.  By introducing a fluid, sculptural stair — artfully crafted with a combination of materials including open metal handrails, stone, and finely finished wood — we created a richness that reinforces the new image of the house.