Standing the Test of Time, Sustainably

To us, sustainable design means more than just incorporating green, energy-efficient building components into a structure. In designing buildings that are well-planned, timeless in appearance and expertly crafted, we lay the groundwork for permanence – which is inherently green. This has been the Hammond Wilson way for decades.

It’s All About Making Green, Practical
In every design, we give considerable thought to the placement of the structure on the site – as it relates to the vistas, particularly how each room will be used, the impact of the elements, and the costs of heating and cooling. When we consider these details holistically, we’re able to offer ways to optimize each variable in order to maximize sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint.

Designed to Last for Generations
Because we balance aesthetics with sustainability, the buildings we design stay current for decades. Staying abreast of the latest in environmental building components allows us to make the best choices, whether that includes low VOC paints, reclaimed flooring, high-efficiency windows, engineered lumber, geothermal heating, reflective roofing or technologically advanced insulation of the building envelope.