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For twenty-five years, Leo Wilson has brought expertise, leadership and vision to the firm’s clients.

Leo earned a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture at The Catholic University of America and a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Van Alen Traveling Fellowship, enabling him to pursue a summer of independent study in Italy. He credits his creative pursuits outside of architecture – from watercolors, to figure sculpture, to letter cutting in stone – with developing his eye for form and composition.

Leo’s passion is the water. He is an avid sailor, windsurfer, kite boarder, fisherman and surfer.

“I grew up on a small barrier island along the New Jersey coast and have always been inspired by seaside architecture. These buildings must withstand the constant punishment of the coast and ever-changing tastes in design. The buildings that stand out gracefully over time are the ones that interest me.”