Timeless: Our History Points to Our Future

The cities, towns and shores of the Chesapeake Bay have been the canvas for our award-winning work for forty years. In approaching its unique sites — often waterfront or historic — with sensitivity, creativity and craftsmanship, the result has become a portfolio of buildings that are distinctive, functional and timeless.

When we look back at images of the body of our firm’s work, it’s difficult for us to pinpoint, “When, exactly did we finish that project?” or “Who designed that stair detail?” We think this speaks to both the timelessness of our work and our shared aesthetic sense.

When Bob Hammond founded the firm in Annapolis in 1976, his goal was simple: to design buildings with inspired aesthetics and inventive function, while meeting the client’s space and use requirements, responding to the opportunities presented by the site, and addressing regulations.

Leo Wilson joined the firm in the early 1990’s and became a partner in 2000. Sharing Bob’s passion for designing graceful buildings that respond to the unique history and character of the site and stand the test of time, he also recognized the growing importance of expertise in sustainable design. The firm now has four LEED-accredited architects, serving an increasing number of both residential and commercial clients.

We’re proud that our firm is viewed as a respected problem-solver by both the local agencies tasked with enforcing regulations and our clients alike. We feel that our history has prepared us well for the future.