Corsica River Renovation
Project Details
Location: Centreville, Maryland
Year: 2006

The Moorings was built in the 1930s by the first commodore of the Corsica River Yacht Club. Though not technically an historic home, its prominent role in local history made preserving it, while bringing it back to life, important.

The existing brick house was maintained and restored for formal living areas and guest bedrooms. New gabled clapboard-sided “outbuildings” are clustered around the brick house to provide informal living areas, garage and guest cottage. An entrance drive allele opens to a lawn and formal entrance court created by the garage and new addition. The guest cottage is located to the left in its own private garden. A new family room and kitchen open to the pool, both with views of the Corsica River. At the waterfront, a dilapidated boat house was replaced with one whose fresh, whimsical character reflects that of the other new buildings.

With steep roof forms and proportions similar to the existing brick main house, the new buildings coexist comfortably with it. Together, they speak a “cottage vocabulary,” while at the same time making a statement of fresh vitality.
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