East Langford Fish Camp
Project Details
Location: Chestertown, Maryland
Year: 2010

This waterfront retreat was envisioned by its owner to be a collection of buildings with the character of a “…camp rooted in the architecture and ambiance (or lack of it) of the Chesapeake waterfront as it looked 100 years ago… sheds, shanties and arks that shielded sawyers, fishermen, gunners, shuckers and pickers from the elements.”

Each building uses simple gable, shed and lean-to forms combined as needed to enclose the desired space. These simple buildings with their loose arrangement on the site create a complexity similar to the jumble of buildings found along a working waterfront. A framework, within which components could be incorporated as construction progressed, allowed these buildings to evolve as they were built, thus achieving the feeling most desired by the owner, that it be “catawampus.”

The buildings’ infrastructure utilizes the latest in sustainable design elements, and the primary landscaping goal was to preserve vegetation. But it is the use of found and repurposed objects – beams, stable doors, corrugated metal, felled and dead trees – that speaks both eloquently and lightheartedly of this home’s love of history and the land.
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