Severn River Estate
Project Details
Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Year: 2010

This unique home sits high above the banks of the Severn River on a parcel that can be traced back to the original pre-Revolutionary land grants to the owner’s family. The vocabulary of the home is reminiscent of the simple architectural forms of many Nantucket residences, but also includes the expressive detailing and richness of materials of the Shingle style.

While the entry provides a stately, tranquil court framed by the house and garage wing, the waterfront elevation extends linearly along the high bluff to provide breathtaking views up and down the river, across to the United States Naval Academy, and out to the Chesapeake. The curvilinear entrance porch, gracefully sweeping roof forms, eyebrow window, bright white trim and cleft stone add to the home’s richness. The varied roof components and well-proportioned ancillary elements, like the covered porches, all help to give this large home a comfortable sense of scale.

The paired gable forms on the waterfront, along with the massive stone chimneys present a timeless image that seems appropriate for this special property.
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