Wye River Retreat
Project Details
Location: Queenstown, Maryland
Year: 1997

Designed as a weekend retreat with family gatherings in mind, the large informal rooms of this home enjoy sweeping views of the Wye River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The house is organized in a linear fashion to take advantage of the river views. On its waterfront side is a colonnaded covered porch; the overhanging roof reduces the direct sunlight into the main living spaces, while allowing generous expanses of glass.

A pool house and garage are designed as separate buildings, much like the outbuildings of early Maryland plantation houses, creating an exterior courtyard space. A gallery along the front façade links the main living spaces, and extends as a pergola out each end of the house into the landscape. This visually and physically connects the outside spaces and recreation areas, which include a large screened porch and terrace for entertaining and relaxing.

The home’s exterior, including a combination of gable and gambrel roof forms and a series of windows and shutters set into deep niches, as typically seen in rural stables, helps it to rest comfortably in its peaceful, historic setting.
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